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Shipping & Returns

shipping & returns

Shipping Policy
Orders can only be shipped once payment has been received and confirmed. When an order is placed, your delivery dates and shipping estimates will be provided. Estimates are made based on the availability of the items being ordered and the shipping provider.

Please also note that the shipping rates may vary for certain products, based on the type and size of the item and minimum order quantity (MOQ). We are committed to a 1-3 business day turn around in shipping but we do not have control over the shipping time of our carriers. We understand the need for your product is urgent, due to the high volume at this time please be patient with us if you are experiencing delays.

Return Policy
We are unable to accommodate any refunds or cancellations. Due to the hygienic standards and the personal nature of our face masks and other PPE products we are unable to accept returns. All sales are final.

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